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Sean O'Mahoney

Sean O'Mahoney

CBO & Co-Founder of INEVITABLE

Welcome to my personal website! Feel free to reach out to me directly by email, tweet or message with any questions or interesting opportunities!

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Join CAMRA and Explore the World of Beer, Cider, and Perry as a University Student
·456 words·3 mins· 0
CAMRA Manchester
Discover how you can join CAMRA and enjoy the world of beer, cider, and perry as a university student. Learn about the benefits, events, and discounts available for young members in Greater Manchester.
Automating My GitHub Profile with DevOps: A Journey
·375 words·2 mins· 0
Technology DevOps GitHub Actions
Learn how I automated my GitHub profile’s “About Me” section using DevOps practices, Node.js scripts, and GitHub Actions. Discover the journey, challenges, and tools I employed to streamline this process.
CAMRA's Greater Manchester Young Members Coordinator Plan
·1008 words·5 mins· 0
CAMRA Leadership Manchester
Discover the plans and goals of CAMRA’s Regional Young Member Coordinator for Greater Manchester.
Developing Prompt Engineering Skills to Improve Blog Posts
·2013 words·10 mins· 0
Technology ChatGPT AI Prompt Engineering
Learn how I developed my prompt engineering skills to improve over half of my previous blog posts within a couple of hours.
Top 5 Manchester Pubs & Taprooms with CAMRA Member Discounts
·604 words·3 mins· 0
CAMRA Manchester Students
In this post, I will discuss my top five pubs and taprooms in Manchester that offer CAMRA members a discount and are popular among young people aged 18 to 30.